Ten Cents

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You're my only one.

Oooo it seems like its gonna be a pretty busy May.
Let's see what I have coming up.

This saturday : Odac Stamimania @ Moe dairy farm
Next saturday : College Day (council duty)
Next next friday : Edurace 2010
Next next sunday : National Vertical Marathon 2010
Next next next thursday (27 may) : Student Council Investiture


Time to do some APGP so byebye.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hi sup.
today feels like a friday.
maybe becos monday's a school holiday.
yep.. in your faces poly students!! wahahahaha.
Although I still learn chinese and not french/jap/other funny languages
BUT I HAVE SCH HOLS you all don't have! :P :P

I wanna slack thru this weekend
but there is PI and hw for practically every other subjects to be done :(
SC investiture is coming up soon too so theres gonna be a lot to do the following week.

On a (much more) happier note...
I'm meeting PH for McD's breakfast on monday morning!
(Really)Looking forward :)
I'm gonna watch Ironman 2 on monday evening with javscona. YES, Ironman 2, finally.
Booked tics already!